Who We Are

We are not your traditional law firm, we recognized long ago that clients are more interested in finding a successful solution to their legal problem than proving a point. With over 200 years of legal experience under our combined legal belt, we can cut through the legalese, identify the real issues, and pin down practical solutions. We appreciate the fact that in the real world business consequences matter more than legal theories.

Clients know us to be responsive and accessible, working to achieve their objectives within the financial and judicial parameters available to us, be it through an early mediation, arbitration, summary judgment or trial. Matching the specific capabilities and talents of our team members to each assignment, we are able to streamline the process of issue identification, develop realistic budgets and quickly recommend workable strategies.


Our Team

Alex Barthet Construction Lawyer

Alex Barthet


Patrick Barthet

Miles Archabal

Miles Archabal


Paul Breitner


Larry Cook

brandon deegan | Miami Construction Lawyer

Brandon Deegan


Jessica A. Goldfarb


John Hanson


Leonard W. Klingen


Samuel Korab


Jose Llerena

scott lombardo

Scott Lombardo

scott lombardo

Sundeep K. Mullick

Jonathan Ocampo

Jonathan Ocampo