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With our Board Certified construction lawyers, we have mediated, arbitrated and litigated all manner of construction contract, lien and bond claims and we’ve done it for years. We have dealt with bid disputes, the applicability of pay when paid provisions, ambiguities between plans and specifications, warranty issues, payment holdbacks, the impact of partial performance, differing work conditions, job delays, and improperly documented change orders and extras. We understand the significance of properly filed notices and demands, and not only have we enforced 713.23 and 255.05 claims, but we have also successfully resisted the imposition of fraudulent liens. Many of Miami’s and South Florida’s most recognized names in this industry regularly call us when they run into trouble. They can count on the fact that we speak construction.

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Successful Defense Against A Municipality

It began twelve years earlier when a municipality which had hired our engineering firm client accused it of professional negligence for providing inaccurate preliminary estimates. Prior to the completion of final construction plans, the municipality jumped the gun by issuing what turned out to be an unnecessary bond offering to help finance a road improvement project. As this litigation developed, the firm’s lawyers presented arguments before four different judges, conducted two jury trials and handled an intervening appeal. However, a six person jury, having heard the case for seven days, ended our client’s ordeal by returning a zero verdict in its favor, a complete victory made even sweeter when the municipality also paid a sizable amount of our client’s legal fees and costs incurred over the course of the litigation.

Construction Contract Review

Pursuing an invitation to work on an off shore luxury hotel, a major subcontractor asked us to review the extensive contract documents and help negotiate more favorable terms on this multi-million dollar opportunity. We linked our client’s treatment by the contractor to that of the contractor by the owner, placing our client on a more equitable, if not even, playing field. We then went about working on a joint venture agreement required by our client’s need to partner with a local entity supplying the labor.

Lien Defense

An owner who had embarked on a ten million dollar renovation of his facility asked us to intervene when he discovered a number of subcontractors and materialmen had liened his property. The general contractor, having been fired for its inability to meet scheduled time frames, had also failed to pay several of its suppliers. A close review of the facts and the recorded liens revealed a number of inconsistencies and technical flaws, allowing us to negotiate significant reductions on certain liens and to set aside other encumbrances through suit.
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